Journalists‘ Program at Future Cleantech Festival

For the third year in a row, independent climate innovation think tank FCA teams up with UN Climate Change, UNIDO ITPO Germany, and several other co-hosts to organize the leading independent cleantech event in Europe. For journalists, we have prepared some special features, including journalists’ offices, multiple opportunities to interview and engage with leading innovators and start-ups, and a customized podcast recording studio “the podcast bus”.

Additionally, joining forces with Bonn Institute, we are offering three sessions specialized for journalists:


1) Journalists’ Session: How can we create a science-based understanding of climate solutions?
This panel with prolific journalists will discuss effective ways of gathering information and reporting on climate solutions. Which lessons have been learned over the past years? 

2) Mass Media and Lobbyists: how do journalists prepare for encounters with “alternative facts” in the climate space? Journalists (and moderators) are oftentimes met with lobbyist claims in public debate on climate change (and technological solutions). How can they prepare best to counter false claims on topics reaching from blue hydrogen to carbon-negative technologies? Which lessons have been learned?


3) Solutions Journalism 101 – your constructive climate reporting toolkit: In this 90-minute workshop, we will explore how to use solutions focused reporting in your climate coverage. How do you center progress and climate solutions in your reporting without falling into the trap of greenwashing? We will dive into the four pillars of solutions journalism, talk about constructive interview techniques, and explore good practices from Germany and abroad. 


Record Your Podcast at Future Cleantech Festival

Use Modern Tech in a Historic Bus

When we discuss technology innovation with participants from all over the world at the festival, guests will be shuttled with latest generation electric buses. But we have equipped a 1960s, historic bus with state-of-the-art recording technology.

It will park right in front of the central location so you can arrange for interviews with your podcast guests or broadcast live from Future Cleantech Festival 2024.

Your first podcast recording in a HENSCHEL 160

We have been able to get our hands on a beautiful Henschel 160 that has transported millions of passengers over its lifetime. Add to its history by reporting on how to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors with the most modern technology.

Technology Set Podcast
• 4 RODE microphones
• 4 headphones
• 2 telephone hybrids (N-1 switchable)

Technology Set Videocast
• Camera Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch (up to 6K)
• 4 RODE microphones
• 4 headphones
• 2 telephone hybrids (N-1 switchable)

Technology Set Broadcast
• 4 RODE microphones
• 3 PTZ cameras (FullHD) with control
(on tripods or on Manfrotto clamps)
• Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio Image Mixer
• 4 preview monitors
• Video recorder/player
• LiveU 200 transmission unit with
2 LTE cards

To book your slot (free of charge) and record in this historic environment, please reach out to: Juliane Harlfinger, Media Relations, at