Our Formats

Let us kick off our cleantech innovation festival! The opening ceremony is a short session outlining the festival and the topics covered during the two days. 

High-level innovators, policy-makers, and industry executives come together to talk to a larger audience to present and compare their views and jointly generate added value. As typical for a panel, the discussion will be moderated. 

Let’s keep it brief and effective! One expert in the field provides a summary overview of a topic to introduce everyone listening. The presentation includes a problem definition, the main roadblocks, and possible solutions. 

Let’s be practical and concrete! The Toolbox for Policy-Makers is one of the flagship formats of The ARC 2023. It resembles a roundtable discussion on what nitty-gritty policy implementation looks like, exploring how each person present can put things into action. The session will be guided by a moderator. 

Attention: This format is highly interactive! 

An informal, loosely structured meeting in a small circle on a specific topic. The design will ensure a personal atmosphere and enable a fruitful dialogue. The fireside chat will be engaging everyone, including the audience. 

Attention: This format is highly interactive!

Let’s ask questions! Our Dare To Ask is a more innovative form of a Q&A session. It is aimed to encourage critical thinking, spark meaningful discussions, and foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

Attention: This format is highly interactive! 

May be self-explanatory, but during our presentations the speaker makes sure to be informative and communicate exciting ideas and new concepts to the audience. 

In our case study sessions, we will look at concrete examples. Whether we will look at success stories or specific geographical regions, the sessions provide impulses for the future. 

A conversation or interaction between an interviewer and an interviewee to gather information, share knowledge, and promote ideas and breakthroughs. 

This format is a facilitated discussion or conversation on a specific topic or issue. The participants take turns sharing their perspectives, insights, or experiences on the topic, with the discussion facilitated by a moderator. 

Attention: This format is highly interactive! 

Our workshop’s objective is to discuss major new technological developments and the remaining innovation gaps in each field. With a moderator guiding the session, participants will mingle, exchange and discuss ideas.  

Attention: This format is highly interactive!