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Future Cleantech Festival 24
C o m p l e t e d !

See our key takeaways and actionable next steps below! 

What happened this year:

This year, we focused on structural innovation in various thematic chapters, including Transport (aviation and shipping), Construction, Innovation, and the Future Energy System.

Future Cleantech Architects joined forces with our Co-Hosts

And the City of Remscheid

We released our Future Cleantech Priorities 2024

Future Cleantech Festival 2024 took over the city of Remscheid, one of Germany’s last industrial cities, for two days on May 28-29th. Teaming up with our esteemed co-hosts UNIDO ITPO Germany, UN Climate Change, IRENA, and the European Innovation Council we immersed ourselves into cleantech innovation, showcasing cutting-edge cleantech solutions and approaches across the sectors of Transport, Construction, Innovation, and the Future Energy System.

Future Cleantech Architects took the insights and key takeaways from the festival to create this report on actionable priorities for the next EU agenda. 


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What the experts have to say

Who we are

Future Cleantech Architects is a climate innovation think tank that exists to close the remaining innovation gaps to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. To reach this objective, we accelerate innovation in critical industries – such as cement, aviation, or shipping – where sustainable solutions are still in very early stages. We urge policy-makers to intensify and better prioritize their R&D activities. Moreover, we initiate and actively drive high-level research consortia on critical technologies for these neglected technological sectors. 

Together with international partners and co-hosts from the public and private sphere, the Future Cleantech Festival brings together the brightest minds and best ideas in cleantech worldwide. The festival looks towards a net-zero 2050, zooming in on the innovation processes in different sectors.

Europe’s most ambitious cleantech innovation festival aims to identify specific steps that will remove roadblocks and bridge the innovation gaps to reach net zero by 2050. The Festival will bring together private industries, policymakers, and research institutes to discuss and collaborate. Join us in this ambitious endeavor!